[unless noted otherwise, all sessions too place at Western]
[unless stated otherwise, all releases are on Capitol]
January   2 - session: Punchline (might be the 7th)
  2 - uknown venue CA*
  5 - Surfin' USA session: Shut Down
  9 - uknown venue CA*
16 - Surfin' USA session: Lana/Farmer's Daughter/Mother May I [Radio Recorders]
18 - session: Ride Away tracks & bvs [Radio Recorders]
23 - session: Ride Away vocal [Radio Recorders]
26 - ZBT Frat party, Tuscon AZ* [1]
30 - Window Rock HS, Window Rock AZ*
31 - Surfin' USA session: Surfin' USA [2]
  February   2 - March of Dimes Benefit, Swing Auditorium, National Orange Show Grounds,
        San Bernardino CA* [w/Jan & Dean, Nino Tempo & April Stevens, Dick &
        Dee Dee, Eddie Hodges, Dick Dale & The Del-Tones, The Rumblers, The
        Tornadoes, The Rivingtons and The Chantays]
  9 - NHRA Winter Nationals, Great Western Exhibit Center, Los Angeles CA*
        [w/The Champs]
10 - NHRA Winter Nationals, Great Western Exhibit Center, Los Angeles CA*
        [w/The Champs]
11 - Surfin' USA session: Let's Go Trippin'/Honky Tonk/Miserlou/Noble Surfer
11 - Jeff Chandler AZA First Annual Embassy dance, Carpenter's Hall,
        Van Nuys CA#
12 - Surfin' USA session: Finders Keepers/Surf Jam/Stoked [Capitol]
15 - Hawthorne High School Valentines' Dance, Hawthorne CA* [3]
16 - Surfin' USA session: Lana/Farmer's Daughter vocals and album assembled
16 - KFWB Charity Show, Los Angeles Sport Arena, Los Angeles CA
       [w/Bobby Vinton, Ann Margaret, Chris Montez, Dick Dale, The Rivingtons,
       The Cascades, Molly Bee, Bobby Crawford, The Penguins, Annette Funicello,
       Henry Mancini, April Stevens and Nino Tempo, Paul Peterson, Chris Montez,
       Billy Vaughan, Bob B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans, The Olympics, The Routers,
       Jayne Mansfield and Mickey Hargitay ]
late - Barnes Park Community Center, Monterey Park CA†
         [w/Dick Dale & The Del Tones]
late - Mark Keppel HS, Alahambra CA† [w/Dick Dale & The Del Tones]
?? - The Score, Alhambra CA* [w/The Rumblers]
?? - session: Pink Champagne [studiuo unknown]
  Jan/Feb ?? - Tri-Five session: Come And Get It/Like Chop
       [studio unknown, San Bernadino] [4]
  March   1 - session: Marie/Funny Boy [studio unknown]
  1 - Spanish Castle, Des Moines WA*†
  2 - Party Line, Seattle WA*†
  4 - Jan & Dean session: Surfin'/Surfin' Safari [Conway] [5]
  4 - Surfin' USA/Shut Down single released
  5 - Honeys session: Shoot The Curl/Surfin' Down The Swanee River [Capitol]
  7 - session: The Baker Man/Side Two [Conway]
  8 - ukn*
10 - Radio KMEN 1st anniversary, San Bernadino CA*
16 - Hemet Armory, Hemet CA*
18 - ukn*
19 - session: Gonna Hustle You [Conway]
20 - Jan & Dean session: Surf City/When Summer Comes (Get A Chance With You)
25 - Surfin' USA album released
30 - Denno's Record Shop opening, Garden Grove CA†
early ?? - Cinnamon Cinder, Studio City, Los Angeles CA†
?? - Cinnamon Cinder, Long Beach, Los Angeles CA†
spring ?? - Shamrock Roller Rink, San Gabriel CA†        
April   5 - Los Angeles Teenage Fair, Burbank CA*
  6 - Grand Opening of Build 'N' Save, Garden Grove CA†
  8 - Shoot The Curl/Surfin' Down The Swanee River Honeys single released
12 - Rendevous Ballroom, Newport Beach CA* [6]
13 - Bakersfield Civic Auditorium, Bakersfield CA†
       [w/The Olympics, The righteous Brothers and Bob Vaught & The Renegades]
15 - Jan & Dean Take Linda Surfin' Jan & Dean album released (Liberty)
19 - Aragon Ballroom, Pacific Ocean Park, Santa Monica CA#
       [w/Dick Delvy and The Challengers]
20 - Felton Intermediate High School, Lennox CA*
21 - Red Skelton TV Show, Hollywood CA* [taping]
23 - Jan & Dean session: Surf City vocals [United - BW only]
25 - Val-Air Ballroom, Des Moines IA* [7]
26 - Rockford YWCA Teen Canteen, Rockford IL*
27 - Dance Land Ballroom, Cedar Rapids IA
28 - The Terp, Austin MN*
30 - session: Rabbit's Foot (=Our Car Club)/First Rock & Roll Dance [Gold Star]
30 - Arkota Ballroom, Sioux Falls SD*
May   1 - Sports Center Roller Rink, Witchita, KS*
  3 - Excelsior Amusement Park, Excelsior, MN [free show]
  3 - Big Reggie’s Danceland, Excelsior MN#
  4 - Duluth Armory, Duluth MN*  [w/o Brian, Alan present]
        [w/Chet Orr & The Rumbles] [8]
  5 - The Surf Ballroom, Clear Lake IA*
  9 - Bob & Vicki session: The Summer Moon [United] [9]
13 - ukn venue, CA*
17 - Surf City/She's My Summer Girl Jan & Dean single released (Liberty)
17 - Santa Fe High School Boy's Gymnasium, Santa Fe Springs CA*
        [w/Shelly Manne and His Men]
18 - 'Car Club Show', CA*
19 - Long Beach CA*
23 - Los Angeles Custom Car & Boat Show, LA Sports Arena, Los Angeles CA*
24 - International Car & Boat Show, Los Angeles Sports Arena, Los Angeles CA †
24 - Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento CA [w/o Brian, Alan present]
26 - Inglewood High School, Inglewood CA*
29 - Bellflower High School, Bellflower CA*
29 - Pacific High School Auditorium, San Bernadino CA* [w/Jan & Dean]
30 - San Francisco CA* [w/Jan & Dean]
31 - San Francisco CA* [w/Jan & Dean]
31 - Oxnard CA* [w/Jan & Dean]
  spring/summer ?? - Battle Of The Bands, Avalon Ballroom, Santa Monica CA (w/The Crossfires)†
  June   1 - The Russian River, Rio Nido CA* [10]
  7 - Senior Breakfast, Hawthorne HS, Hawthorne CA†
  7 - Veterans Hall, Bakersfield CA* [w/Jan & Dean]
  7 - Bakersfield College, Bakersfield CA*
  7 - Grad Night Dinner Dance, Albert S. Goode Auditorium, Bakersfield CA*
       [w/The Illusions, The Cherry Creek Singers and The Ivy Clansmen] [11]
  8 - Palmdale CA* [w/Jan & Dean]
  9 - Kern County Fairgrounds, Bakersfield CA#
       [w/The Illusions, The Cascades and The Ivy Clansmen] [12]
12 - ? Cinnamon Cinder, Houston TX*(†) [w/Jan & Dean and Jimmy Reed]
12 - session: Little Deuce Coupe/Surfer Girl/Catch A Wave track [13]
14 - non BB session: Back Home/Black Wednesday (= Runaround Lover) [Gold Star]
14 - Show of Stars, Civic Auditorium, Honolulu HI* [14]
       [all shows w/Dee Dee Sharp, The Treniers, and Jackie De Shannon]
15 - Show of Stars, Civic Auditorium, Honolulu HI [3 shows]
16 - Show of Stars, Civic Auditorium, Honolulu HI*
16 - Schoefield Barracks, Honolulu HI*
17 - Hickam Theatre, Honolulu HI* [2 shows]
18 - Barber's Point, Oahu HI*
19 - Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station HI* [2 shows]
20 - Baldwin Auditorium, Maui HI* [2 shows]
21 - Hilo Civic Auditorium, Hilo HI* [2 shows]
22 - Bloch Arena, Pearl Harbor Honolulu HI*
29 - Las Vegas Convention Center NV* [w/The Teen Beats]
late Jn/early Jl ?? - Skate-O-Rama, Downey CA† [w/The Blazers and Kathy Marshall]
  July early/mid - Civic Auditorium, Pasadena CA* [w/Speedy & The Reverbs]
  5 - Pheonix AZ*
  6 - Pheonix AZ*
11 - Retail Clerks Auditorium, Buena Park CA*(†) [w/The Astronauts]
12 - Orange County Fair, Costa Mesa CA* [w/Adrian and The Sunsets]
13 - Veterans Memorial Stadium, Santa Maria CA*
        [w/The Honeys & The Four Speeds]
14 - Surfer Girl session: Catch A Wave vocals & harp 
16 - Surfer Girl session: Surfers Rule/South Bay Surfer/Boogie Woodie [15] 
19 - Indiana Beach, Shafer Lake, Monticello IN* [16]
20 - Danceland Ballroom, Cedar Rapids IA*
21 - Cobblestone Ballroom, Storm Lake IA*
22 - Surfer Girl/Little Deuce Coupe single released
23 - Roof Garden Ballroom, Arnolds Park IA*
24 - Shore Acres Ballroom, Sioux City IA*
24 - Honeys session: Pray For Surf/Hide Go Seek/You Brought It All On Yourself
25 - Val Air Ballroom, West Des Moines IA*
26 - ? ukn*
27 - Hollyhock Ballroom, Hatfield MN# [w/o Brian]
28 - Peony Park Ballroom, Omaha NE*
30 - Coloseum Ballroom, Davenport IA*
31 - Indian Crossing Casino, Waupaca WI*
August   1 - The Surf Ballroom, Clear Lake IA*
  2 - Prom Ballroom, St. Paul MN*
  3 - The Terp, Austin MN*
  4 - Kato Ballroom, Mankato MN*
  5 - Survivors session: 'Witch Stand/Girlie/Hot Harp [Gold Star]**
?? - Survivors session: A Joy Ride Cruise
                                   [Brian's Crenshaw apartment - after the 5th]
  6 - Electric Park Ballroom, Waterloo IA*
  7 - Ithaca MI*
  8 - Club Ponytail, Harbor Springs MI* [2 shows] [17]
  9 - Cold Springs Resort, Hamilton IN*
11 - Auditorium Theater, Chicago IL
12 - Memorial Auditorium, Burlington VT# [w/The North Stars]
13 - Music Hall, Boston MA* [w/Jan & Dean, Mary Ann Mobley, Tony & The Del
       Fi's and Myles Connor & The Ravens]
13 - The Surf Ballroom, Nantasket Beach, Hull MA# [w/Jan & Dean] [3 shows ?]
14 - Palace Park Ballroom, Old Orchard ME*
15 - Surf Auditorium, Hill NH*
16 - Mount Tom Ballroom, Holyoke MA* [w/Marcy Jo and Eddie Rambeau]
17 - Wayne County Fair, Homedale PA*
18 - Lakewood Park, Mahanoy PA* [w/The Magics and The Bobby Mar Orchestra]
20 - Reinhold Brothers Hall, Transfer PA*
21 - West View Park Danceland, Pittsburgh PA*
22 - Wheeling Downs Roller Rink, Wheeling WV*
23 - Stardust Gardens, Le Sourdsville Amusement Lake Park, Middletown OH*
        [w/The Rick Z Combo]
24 - Midway Ballroom, Cedar Lake IN* [w/The Exports - 3 shows] [18]
25 - The Melody Mill, Sageville IA* [w/o Brian]
26 - ukn [w/o Brian]*
26 - Surfer Girl session: album assembled [Capitol]
27 - ukn [w/o Brian]*
27 - Survivors session: Pamela Jean [Radio Recorders]**
29 - Avalon Ballroom, Lacrosse WI [2 shows] [19]
30 - Fox Theater, Brooklyn NY* [a Murry the K show w/Stevie Wonder, Ben E.
       King, Gene Pitney, The Miracles, The Shirelles, The Drifters, The Dovells,
       Jay and the Americans, the Tymes, The Chiffons, The Angels and Randy and
       the Rainbows]
31 - Show of Stars, Los Angeles Sports Arena, Los  Angeles CA
       [w/Dee Dee Sharpe, Little Eva, The Cookies, Jan & Dean, Marvin Gaye, Dick
       & Dee Dee, The Righteous Bros., The Olympics, Wayne Newton, Soupy Sales,
       Darlene Love, Mel Carter, Andrea Carroll, Jackie De Shannon, Steve Alaimo,
       Donna Loren, Johnny Fortune, The Challengers, Ray Sharpe, The Cornells,
       Tracey Dey, The Orlons, Paul Petersen and Rene Hall & Orchestra.]
September   2 - Little Deuce Coupe session: Be True To Your School (LP version)/Car Crazy
       Cutie/Cherry Cherry Coupe/Spirit Of America/No-Go Showboat/A Young Man
       Is Gone/Custom Machine
  2 - Pray For Surf/Hide Go Seek Honeys single released
  3 - Little Deuce Coupe session: album assembled (and mastered ?)
  4 - FW Woolworths, Cherry Creek Shopping Center, Denver CO†
  4 - Moonlight Ballroom, Denver CO*
  6 - Back To School Dance, Elitch Gardens, Trocadero Ballroom, Denver CO#
       [wThe Castells, the Astronauts and Bobby Vinton (headliner)]
  7 - The Lagoon, Farmington UT
  9 - Back To School-O-Rama, Helix High School, San Diego CA*
11 - Station Theatre, China Lake CA# [w/The Cherry Creek Singers]
14 - Memorial Auditorium,  Sacramento CA [2 shows - no Brian]*
16 - Surfer Girl album released
16 - Back To School Star Studded Specials, KHJ-TV, Los Angeles CA
17 - Honeys session: The One You Can't Have [Gold Star]
20 - Long Beach CA*
21 - Memorial Coliseum, Portland OR* [w/Jan & Dean]
?? - session: Summertime/After The Game [Brian's new pad - before the 24th]
24 - Red Skelton Comedy Hour TV Show, Hollywood CA [20]
28 - Cow Palace, San Francisco CA [w/Jan and Dean, The Ronettes, Stevie Wonder,
        Dionne Warwick, The Righteous Brothers, April Stevens & Nino Tempo, Trini
       Lopez, Jose Jimenez, The Jaynettes, Dee Dee Sharp, Freddy Cannon, Betty
       Harris, The Coasters, Donna Loren, Ray Stevens, The Original Drifters, Bobby
       Freeman, Roberta Day and George & Teddy - no Brian]
29 - Seattle Opera House, Seattle WA [w/Freddie Cannon, Ray Stevens, The Wailers,
       The Viceroys, Little Stevie Wonder and Dee Dee Sharp - 2 shows, no Brian]
October early - session: Be True To Your School (single version) [before the 7th] [Gold Star]
5 - Surfin' At The Bowl, Balboa Park Bowl, San Diego CA*
      [w/The Honeys and Eddie & The Showmen] [21]
  7 - Little Deuce Coupe album released
11 - Timers session: No-Go Showboat (RCA - BW bvs)
18 - session: Bobby Left Me/"No. 2" (= alt Little St. Nick/Drive-In)
                     [Radio Recorders]
19 - Y-Day Concert, Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood CA 
        [w/The Routers, Mike Clifford, The Cornells, Paul Petersen, Soupy Sales,
        The Mixtures, Keith Colley, Eddie & The Showmen, Dodie Stevens, The
        Fleetwoods, Vic Dana, Duane Eddy, The Honeys, The Challengers,
        Jan & Dean, The Surfaris & Bobby Rydell] 
20 - single session: Little St. Nick/The Lord's Prayer (vocals)
?? - Jan & Dean session: Drag City vocals (BW)
?? - Jan & Dean session: Little Deuce Coupe [5]
21 - Runaround Lover/Summertime Sharon Marie single released
23 - Santa Maria HS Gym, Santa Maria CA* [w/Jan and Dean and the Honeys]
28 - Be True To Your School/In My Room single released
31 - Loyola University, Loyola CA [2 shows]
?? - Jan & Dean session: Drag City
  November early - KHJ TV, 9th Street West, Los Angeles CA# [22]
  2 - Earl Warren Showgrounds, Santa Barbara CA# [2 shows]
  4 - demo session: Ballad Of Ol' Betsy/I Do [Gold Star]
  6 - session: I Do [RCA]
  8 - Drag City/Schlock Rod, Part One Jan & Dean single released (Liberty)
14 - Jan & Dean session: Dead Man's Curve  [23]
15 - Wallich's Music City grand opening, South Bay Center, Los Angeles CA*
        [w/host Bob Crane, Jan and Dean, Dodie Stevens, The Lennon  Sisters, Dick
        Dale, Wayne Newton, Rose Marie, Jack Jones, Tim Morgan, Gene McDaniels,
        The Righteous Brothers, The Surfaris, The Ventures and Kay Starr]
16 - Monte Mart, Salinas CA#
16 - Jan & Dean session: Dead Man's Curve
17 - Jan & Dean session: Dead Man's Curve
22 - Dick Clark's American Bandstand Celebrity Party ABC TV [w/Frankie Avalon,
        Annette, Jan & Dean, Dick Dale, Wayne Newton, Dick & Dee Dee, Trini
        Lopez, Johnny Mathis, Connie Francis, The Challengers & Donna Loren]
22 - Memorial Auditorium,  Marysville CA [w/Freddy & The Statics] [24]
23 - Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento CA [cancelled]
27 - Stars Of The Century show, Orange Show Stadium, San Bernardino CA*(†)
29 - National Guard Armory, Indio CA*
30 - Channel 18 Saturday Night Bandstand Dance, Municipal Auditorium, San
       Bernadino CA [w/The Torquays, The Astronauts and The Dave Pell Octet] [25]
December   2 - The One You Can't Have/From Jimmy With Tears Honeys single released
  9 - Little St. Nick/The Lord's Prayer single released
13 - Sharon Marie session: The Story Of My Life/Thinkin' 'Bout You Baby
20 - Civic Auditorium, Stockton CA
21 -  Eagleson's Store, Sacramento CA# [26]
21 - Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento CA* [recorded for Beach Boys Concert]
27 - The Terrace, Salt Lake City UT*
28 - The Terrace, Salt Lake City UT*
31 - Cinnamon Cinder, San Bernardino CA* [27]
  Although Brian is clearly listed on the AFM sheet for these sessions, according to David
  Marks' biography he was also on tour. However, a recently discovered photo (note #11
  above) casts serious doubt on his presence for at least one show.
  The first show outside California. The date may be off by a day or so.
  Carol Kaye's claim (on her website and elsewhere) to have played guitar on this song is not
  borne out by either the AFM sheet or the memory of those present. Equally, Hal Blaine's
  claim to have played drums is similarly unconfirmed. However, Frank DiVitto was an
  uncredited drummer on "Surfin' USA" as Dennis had injured his ankle.
  For this, and the next few shows, Mark Groseclose drummed as Dennis had broken his
  ankle and couldn't perform.
  A Gary Usher production, The Tri-Five comprised Richie Burns (bass), Usher (rhythm),
  Randy Thomas (keyboards), Carl (lead) and Dennis (drums). Both tunes are instrumental
  and despite any claim to the contrary, Brian neither produced nor appears on these tracks.
  On this session, The Beach Boys provided vocal and instrumental backing.
  Following the Rendezvous Ballroom show, the BBs drove to Newport Dunes Aquatic
  Park in Newport Beach. The Centurions had a gig there and the BBs decided to "crash"
  it and got onstage. The two bands got into an actual fight and the BBs were forced to
  leave. The Rendezvous show was a big disappointment with few people attending so
  there may have been alcohol and anger involved in this Newport Beach fiasco.
  Brian dropped out of this tour early on: he was replaced by Alan. According to David Marks,
  he never actually started the tour at all.
  Although this show is dated as the 4th in Elmer Marks' tour journal, Chet Orr recalls it as
  being the 2nd.
  The instrumental track for this unreleased Brian Wilson production was used for "The Surfer
  Moon" on the Surfer Girl album. It's the earliest known example of Brian using strings.
  The vocals were recorded at a later date at Western.
  It was at this show that Brian & Mike first met Sharon Marie Esparza.
  Yes, they really did play three gigs on one night. Here's how: according to a local paper, it
  was grad night for a number of Bakersfield schools and they shared the "talent" at a number
  of all night parties. According to the website of The Illusions, "Bakersfield was having a big
  high school graduation for all the schools in the area. The Illusions landed the gig along with
  The Beach Boys, The Cascades  nd The Ivy Clansmen. The local radio station promoted
  the dance and played Jezabel on the air numerous times. The band heard it on the car radio
  while driving to Bakersfield. When they arrived at the location, they were amazed at how
  big it was. It looked like a giant aircraft hanger, with large doors at the ends that lifted up.
  The Illusions and The Beach Boys were unloading their equipment at the entrance when
  Ray Anthony the local D. J. came over and told them that they would be setting up on
  stages at opposite ends of the building. The Beach Boys would be performing with The Ivy
  Clansmen while The Illusions would be performing with The Cascades. All the groups
  would be promoting their records also. The evening went very well, there were thousands
  of kids dancing and having a great time in a building so large, that two bands could play at
  the same time without disturbing each other. The next day, the groups performed at the
  county fair before packing up their equipment and driving back to Long Beach." The band
  confused The Cascades with The Cherry Creek Singers, and got the date wrong,
  thinking it was in April.
  According to the website of The Illusions.
  Although, at first glance, the  timing of this session seems to be problematic, it's not entirely
  impossible. The AFM sheet lists no start time, so they could have flown back from the
  Houston show and headed straight for the studio. It's also entirely possible that the session
  date is incorrect and the contract was filed retroactively, as it wasn't recieved by Capitol
  until July 5th. This AFM sheet is almost the only documentation to exist for either the
  Surfer Girl or the Little Deuce Coupe sessions.
  Brian didn't make the trip to Hawaii. Alan stood in for him.
  According to the recording information stated in the 2fer booklet, not only the titles listed
  above but also "Our Car Club", "Hawaii", "Your Summer Dream", "The Rocking Surfer",
  "Catch A Wave", "In My Room" and  the vocals for "The Surfer Moon" were also cut on
  this date. That the band could record nine songs from scratch in a single three hour session
  is, of course, ludicrous - David Marks remembers at least two of the Surfer Girl tracks
  being recorded at other studios (e.g. "The Rocking Surfer" at Wentzell's in Downey), and
  also that Alan appeared on some of the Surfer Girl tracks listed here, but not others: he
  plays bass on "Boogie Woodie", "Surfer's Rule" & "Catch A Wave" and sings on "In My
  Room". That Alan would sit in the corridor for half a session is about as likely as ten songs
  being recorded in one go. However, definitive information as to the actual dates is lacking
  as the AFM contracts appear to have been lost. The best guess is that there were five
  seperate sessions: the three noted above, one for "Catch A Wave" and "In My Room", the
  songs without Alan, the Downey session and the two tracks with Hal Blaine present. This
  surmise is, however, somewhat contradicted by the existence of a Western tape box label
  dated 7-16-63 and listing the first three tracks noted above - two of which Alan plays on,
  one of which he reportedly doesn't (also, "Our Car Club" recycled the track for an otherwise
  unreleased Honeys song - "Rabbit's Foot" - that was recorded at an earlier, but unspecified
  date). Just to muddy the waters further, the tape box also lists the track "Runaround Lover",
  although there is good reason to believe that this text was added later. The 9/2 session for
  Little Deuce Coupe is equally implausible, as David remembers some of the titles, but not
  others. Apparently this was the date the master tapes for the seven songs were logged at
  Although he started the tour, Brian may well have left fairly early as he was certainly in LA
  on July 24th for a recording session, as he was on August 5th & August 27th.
  Although noted as the 5th by Elmer Marks, a newspaper article dates it to the 8th. Further,
  the accompanying photo, though of poor quality, shows Carl, David, Mike and what
  appears to be Alan rather than Brian (crewcut and rather short).
  Dennis was reportedly unaware that the band were doing three shows that night and refused
  to play the last one, so an appeal was made from the stage and the drummer of local band
  The Surfs sat in for Dennis. Apparently the same thing happened the next night, and the
  local drummer played with them again when they were next in the area. However, recent
  research has cast serious doubt on this claim.
  While driving from this show to the next, David announced he was quitting the band. Brian
  was present.
  Miming "Surfin' USA" & "Things We Did Last Summer": their first national TV
  appearence. David appears instead of Alan because the show was taped five months earlier
  on 21st April.
  David's last full show for some fourteen years.
  The band mimed "Be True To Your School": Brian introduces "new" member Alan Jardine.
  Brian is also listed on the AFM sheet for this session, so chances are he played on it as well
  as sang (keyboards, probably).
  It was after this show that Fred Vail, who was promoting, recalls Brian & Mike sat in a
  corner of the hotel room writing "The Warmth of The Sun". it was finished by 2am.
  Channel 18 had a live telecast of the 9:30-10:30 segment of this show, almost certainly
  when the The BBs played.
  The Boys made an hour long appearence at this clothing store: it's presumed they sang a
  song or two.
  According to Fred Vail's recollection.